Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Some Sunsets!

Continuing the topsy turvy trend of my blogging, here are some sunsets from the Californian coast, to celebrate my arrival on the opposite one!
After 3854 marvellous American miles I now find that I have some days spare to enjoy the fruits of my labour - The Big Apple!


Anonymous said...

Impressive trip across America, mate. I can't believe you cycled passed us in Houston only a couple of weeks ago. Well done.

I guess you just have a few weeks left to cross Ireland and then up Scotland and home.

Best of luck for the final push/pedal. Looking forward to catching you sometime over the coming months.

Pete & Mhairi.

Anonymous said...

Eric! How did your trip finish up? So nice to have met you in Big Sur, though I seem to have lost your email address since then! I was hoping you could send me all of those photos you took. I hope all is well with you. lisacaruana@yahoo.com

Virginie et C├ędric said...

Good on Ya, Eric...
You've made it across the snow as you were telling us in Auckland airport!! You're an amazing character who we'll never forget! Hopefuly we'll catch up again in Scotland some time!
All the very best and once again, happy to have met you and talked!
Peace, Virginie&Cedric(the froggies) ;)

Unknown said...

It was a pleasure to meet you in the big apple and beat you 17 - 1 on the wii.....

stay strong and a good bike trip home…


Mike Holliday said...

Good to finally see some updates about your trip. It was almost exactly one year ago we met in Varanasi. I look forward to hearing the late stories to come out of the trip.

Liz & Chris said...

Hey Eric

It's been a while, we lost your email! Hope the rest of you tour is going well - great photos! What you up to now. We had a good time in OZ but was very hot and more hills than expected. Bali was great but we took it very easy and had some time of to relax. Now in Java and trying to make up the kms, managed 103km the other day a new record.

Drop us a line when you get chance.

Chris and Liz

email: hello@bikeabout.co.uk

Anonymous said...

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