Thursday, 16 April 2009


Location: Varanasi, India
Temperature: 42 Degrees Celsius - a record for early April!
Distance Cycled: Almost 8000 miles - about half way!
Duration: 11.5 months

With this bulletin I send my sincere apologies for the recent break in the blog. Unfortunately, four bouts of food poisoning in the past six weeks ( you could say it has been an unlucky run!) has had the effect of crumpling my creativity leaving my blog bereft of entries. Equally, I now look as if I have had liposuction on my loins with my appearance now as lean and as light as my bike frame.

Hoping that no one would notice, I flirted with the idea of writing that I flew over Georgia, Azerbaijan and Pakistan so that I could start afresh with the blog in India. However, having a conscience can often be a considerable burden so further news of my prowess with the pedals shall follow A.S.A.P. ( After stools appear prominently)

Hope you enjoy the lovely smiles of kids from a school in the Punjab. They were so excited to see me on my bike - I was happy to see them too! For the record the school had 1100 pupils but only 15 teachers! A few little lads got too excited and had to get a good old fashioned clip around the ear...I smiled at this thinking of all the lawsuits that would have been filed in Britain. The headteacher informed me that he had no problems with discipline at the school - I wonder why?


peterpreston said...

Hey man,

Sorry to hear about your Dheli Belly (even before you get there). Hopefully you will take it easy enough to make a proper recovery.

I'm looking forward to you getting into the blogging more frequently.

Those kids sure were happy to see you, eh?

Take care.

Pete & Mhairi.

nmj said...

Gorgeous photo, hope you are fully recovered, take good care! NASIM

Anonymous said...


For God's sake... really another food poison since we took different roads? Probably an Indian person would say something that won't encourage you, I guess... "What did you do that the God(s) and/or Goddess(es) are angry with you?"
Well, I have my own way of thinking and I only doubt why it is this way, but more important is if you are able to avoid this!
Anyhow, take care, enjoy the food like you did in Agra and gain some weight again!

With warm love,


Anonymous said...

I hope, you can make it safely to Adelaide and back, we hope to see you some time in MIRAMONT. I keep my finger crossed and I think of you very often. I look often in your blog to find were you are and that I travel with you, without beeing a weight for you.

Bonne chance pour le futur


Natalya Marquand said...

Hi there -- sorry to hear you've had food troubles! Everyone here asks about you frequently and wishes you well. The hash group specifically asked when you would update the blog with their naming! I told them you'd get to it eventually which I figure is right? Hope the next leg goes better!

Anonymous said...

Hope you're over the 'rin thins' at last, and that 'Brave Eric' will continue to inspire his admirers the world over. Loads of love and laughter from JoS, Michel and the Big Bairns xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Was great meeting you in Varanasi!You are great! The way to go Eric!Much Love and blessings from Varanasi

Ethan said...


Hope you're doing well, growing back all the good stuff that should be in your stomach. We're still appreciating your visit.

Listen, sure the people here are nice, but I really don't know about the people over there, and I've heard stories, so be careful.

Unknown said...

Glad to see you on the move again!

We are now in China (Shangrala) and heading further inland soon. Hope you are well! Basho and Cesca.

jim said...

just wanted to say I have huge respect for what you are doing, the money and awareness you are raising for ME/CFS sufferers is awesome, hope your travels are going well, it sounds an amzing awe inspiring trip!
hope the travels are going well, with respect and appreciation from the uk from jim!

Lawrence Drew said...

Hello Eric,

Was just talking to my buddy about "this guy I met India who was cycling from aberdeen to adelaide for charity" and remembered about your blog... I don't know if you remember me, but i was the guy next to you in that little internet cafe on election day in varnassi, we drank coffee and we had to keep swaping PC's trying to upload photos, also I remember you commented on the cakes in the window saying they must have been there ages and that they would be rock

Anyway I hope you are doing ok, God bless Lawrence x x